Ellen White’s Writings on Linux.

As of the writing, The Ellen White Estate has created an excellent application for Windows, and Mac, but nothing has been made for Linux yet. But using a few simple workarounds one can have it up and running in  30 minutes or less.

You will need

Access to a windows computer with Egw writings the 2008 edition installed

An internet connection for your linux machine

A little time and understanding of Linux

Preparations on Linux

You will need to install wine and winetricks on your Linux distro first. To install wine, go into your package manager and search for wine.

Alternately you can open your terminal and type in sudo apt-get install wine (for ubuntu or mint, or sudo yum install wine (for Fedora/OpenSuse)

Right click on the link for winetricks, and select save link as. http://winetricks.org/winetricks.

After installing wine and downloading winetricks, open your terminal type the following:

$cd Downloads

$ sh winetricks

From the “what do you want to do” dialogue choose “Install an app”, and then scroll down in the next dialogue and select vc2005express.

Now that your Linux distro is ready, you are ready to obtain the necessary files.

Obtaining necessary files

Copy the Estate folder from the windows computer to a flash drive (Estate folder is inside C:/Program Files, or C:/Program Files (x86), and then copy it from the flash drive to your home folder in Linux.

Navigate from your home folder to Estate/Research\ 2008/Folio/ and right click on Autoreg.exe. Go to properties, and set it to open by default with wine windows program loader. Now run Autoreg, and then Views.exe. You should be able to open egw-comp.sdw now, although it will not look quite right yet.

In order to make the picture display right, download the regestry files:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4UrMxV51xEkZGU4YUdnNE41Z0k&usp=sharing, and Copy them to a easily accessible folder . Then run regedit (you may have to run winetricks to access regedit), and import all of the registries that you just downloaded.

Now Ellen White’s writings should be functional. Test this by opening your terminal window and input

wine /home/m/Estate/Research\ 2008/Folio/Views.exe /home/m/Estate/Research\ 2008/Folio/Books/egw-comp.sdw

replace /m/ with  /your_username/

If Folio views opens properly, then you only have one more step… that is to install alacarte, and add a custom shortcut with the terminal shortcut (see above for example) to open EGW writings. I have provided the icon here as well for your benefit. You can just right click and tell it  to save image as.


If this doesn’t work for you than you can contact me via email: kingcometh@gmail.,com. Be detailed and specific about your issues.

P.S. Thanks to Steven Williams, Michael Prewitt and many other friends for their invaluable info that was useful in writing this document.

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